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Sport fields

Angyalföldi Sports Center (ASK)

In our institution, which was built in 2003, all age groups can find a program and sports opportunity that suits their taste and interest!

Our palette includes various sports options (soccer, handball, tennis, squash, basketball, fencing, etc.), group fitness classes and gym classes from preschool children to retirement ages, children and family programs, courses, prom balls, holiday events, retirement programs.

The sports center is easily accessible by public transport and has many parking spaces.

The institution is excellent for family days, company events, conferences, weddings, concerts, artistic-, cultural- and/or sports events.


Squash courts

We welcome our guests in the squash center with air-conditioned areas, changing rooms with showering facilities every day of the year from 6:00 (6:00 A.M.) to  0:00 (12:00 A.M.)

We recommend squash for you,

  • if you don’t know squash yet, you can start with the help of a trainer, who will show all the basics, take care of you by guaranteed muscle fever on the next day.
  • if you don’t have a partner to play, we provide one for you.
  • if you don’t have a racket, we’ll give one to you.
  • if you don’t feel like it, we’ll do it.
  • if you don’t have time…well, we cannot help you with that (or we’ll call and convince your boss to come with you at least!)

06:00-17:00 => 4.000 Ft
17:00-18:00 => 4.500 Ft
18:00-21:00 => 5.000 Ft
21:00-22:00 => 4.500 Ft
Weekend => 3.000 Ft, at any time of the day


Season ticket:
Morning ticket: 30.000 Ft / 2 months 10 times
Afternoon ticket: 40.000 Ft / 2 months 10 times
Afternoon ticket: 45.000 Ft / 3 months 10 times


Tennis courts
Rent a court

Three clay surface tennis courts are available for rent during the summer season. Furthermore, we await our guests with changing room. Renting tennis rackets are also available.

FREE parking!

Prices – summer season:
One time ticket:
07 – 10:    2800 Ft.
10 – 15:    1800 Ft.
15 – 22:    2800 Ft.
Weekends:    2500 Ft.


Season tickets:
07 – 10:    2300 Ft.
10 – 15:    1500 Ft.
15 – 22:    2300 Ft.
Weekends:    2000 Ft.


Prices – winter season:
One time ticket:
07 – 10:    5000 Ft.
10 – 15:    4000 Ft.
15 – 22:    5000 Ft.
Weekends:    4500 Ft

Season tickets:
07 – 10:    4500 Ft.
10 – 15:    3500 Ft.
15 – 22:    4500 Ft.
Weekends:    4000 Ft.


Tennis lessons

We offer group and individual lessons for all ages, and our children’s summer tennis camp is held every year!

Kapros Anikó Tennis School

In order to ensure effectiveness of children’s sessions, classes are hold individually, please contact with Anikó by calling +36 30 9918134 for further information about group and individual sessions.

We are looking forward to welcome you!


Dance hall

The 306 m2 dance hall is located on the first floor of our hotel. The hall is suitable for many sports and fitness classes thanks to the special sports floor.

Entrance and parking from Lomb Street.